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As of 2015, the dS/c6d big bang will primarly be run on Dreamwidth HERE. We will still post notices to LJ that new posts exist on Dreamwidth

Sign UpsRulesFAQsFandoms ♦ Cheerleading & Betas

Sign up starts March 11, 2015
Sign up closes March 30, 2015
Chat 1 - April 12, 2015
Checkpoint 1 - May 9, 2015
Chat 2 - May 30/31, 2015
Checkpoint 2 - June 20, 2015
Chat 3 - July 18/19, 2015
Checkpoint 3 - July 25, 2015
Chat 4 - August 8/9, 2015
Rough drafts of primary works due August 23, 2015
Summaries for complementary works creators due August 23, 2015
Complementary works creator's claims open August 28, 2015
Final primary works due October 5, 2015
Final complementary works due October 5, 2015
Go-live starts on Canadian Thanksgiving, October 12, 2015


dSC6D Big Bang Sign Ups End MONDAY

hazelwho and I are running the big bang again this year, and it isn't too late to sign up, either for a Primary or Complementary fanwork.

If you have any questions about the challenge, please check out The Rules and FAQ Page.

If you'd like to sign up (and come on, you know you want to), just go HERE before end of day Monday, March 30.


dSC6D 2015 Sign Ups are LIVE

Yes, you read that right - hazelwho and I are running the big bang again this year, and sign ups start well, pretty much NOW!

If you have any questions about the challenge, please check out The Rules and FAQ Page. Currently these link to the 2014 info, but it's pretty much the same this year.

If you'd like to sign up (and come on, you know you want to), just go HERE



First off, YES there will be a Big Bang again this year - hazelwho and I are VERY excited to be running this yet again :)

Updates to the Rules (nothing scary - our goal is to make this a cooler challenge every year) will be posted soonly, but the basics are the same. Sign Ups will be MARCH 11, and Go Live is October 12.

Here's the big change: This comm is becoming the secondary home for the Big Bang, and Dreamwidth will be our main home (posting of works will still be on AO3). Why? Well, mostly because LJ is less than helpful, and apparently hates my computer, no matter which one I'm using. It's been issue-matic for Hazel and I for nearly a year, so we made the decision to move. We'll have posts here as reminders, but sign ups, claims posts, etc. will all be there.

Hopefully this won't cause any complications for y'all. The comm already exists, so we're ready to go. And it let me edit the calendar without any bitching or hoops to jump through, as opposed to LJ (which made me log in THREE times to post this).

ANYhow, enough negativity. more rejoicing! YAY DSC6DBB!!!!!

ETA: Here's a link to the DW comm:



We are LIVE

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! The collection is now live, and it is so lovely to see so many amazing new fanworks!

Give yourselves a HUGE round of applause and a pat on the back - you all deserve it :)

*off to post to main comms so EVERYONE will come see the pretties*

And keep an eye out in the next couple of weeks for a feedback poll from Hazel and I - we're always looking for ways to improve the challenge experience.




Hey everyone, guess what? WE DID IT!! Everyone's stuff is posted to AO3 and it looks like we're going to have an AWESOME reveal next week. Feel free to use the next week to tweak things, check over formatting, etc. Or, if you're DONE-done, then sit back and relax and wait for the go-live date so you can start enjoying everyone's projects! You guys are AMAZING and miz and I love you all to bits. You guys make it so much fun to be mods, and to be fans. =)


One Week Until Deadline!

Just a friendly reminder that all final drafts MUST be posted by Monday, October 6.

(But you can still make little tweaks after that - like that pesky typo you thought you'd fixed three times already! Just needs to be a completed, could go live and you'd be happy with it, version.)

Are you excited? Ready? Already posted and just awaiting the reveal? Glad there's still time?

*\o/* \dSC6DBB/ *\o/*

*scurries back to working on her own project*



Upload help!

I am attempting to upload a video into youtube for the ds_c6dbigbang and I need help!
First, It can't be published until the reveal day so I need to have it password protected because it needs to be added to the archive by Oct. 6, second, I can't figure out how to copy a picture of the youtube video on the archive and not just the link. Someone PLease Help me!


ds c6d Big Bang Reveal...

Who's ready for the ds c6d bigbang reveal?! I for one am super excited not only to share my fic but also my complimentary piece and to see all the rest of the contributions this year. Can't the reveal be like tomorrow already?!


Less Than a Month to go - Excited?

Hey there, Big Bangers! Counting the days left? Bouncing with excitement? Worried you won't make it?

You aren't alone! I know I'm still working hard on my piece pretty much every day :) But we will make it, and soon there will be new, wondrous fanworks for C6D!