desireearmfeldt (desireearmfeldt) wrote in ds_c6d_bigbang,

Seeking beta-listener for my BB podfic (July)

Would anybody out there be interested in beta-ing my Big Bang podfic?  It is (warning) THREE HOURS and change of F/K/V kink-negotiation by helens78 (Out of Nowhere).  I will have already done a round of self-beta-and-editing before passing it off to you.  Ideally, getting feedback sometime in July would be great.

I would be particularly gratetful for someone who can be fairly picky about the audio equivalent of spelling-and-grammar check: listening for departures from the text, mispronounciations, distracting mouth or background noises, volume weirdness and the like.  Comments about where the acting could use improvement would also be welcome.

Thank you kindly!
Tags: bb2016, betas
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