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2014 Guidelines

Oh yes, it's that time again - the due South/Canadian Six Degrees Big Bang is back! mizface and I couldn't be more excited. Look out for more info here and pimp posts at all your favorite comms as we get geared up for this year's sign ups. =)

These are pretty much identical to last year's rules. If you have any questions, please comment, PM one of your friendly neighborhood mods, or email us at dsc6dbbmod@gmail.com. I am sure there are things we forgot :)

1. Guidelines for Primary pieces:

Stories must have a minimum of 20,000 words. There is no maximum.

Stories must be beta'd by at least one person. Two is preferable. Check out the beta listing (link to be added soon) if you need a beta.

Art must be at least one piece. A series of related pieces (possibly using different mediums) is perfectly acceptable. We just ask that there be something there that gives a sense of narrative thread, or a scene, or a moment even, in that fandom.

And seriously, art is a VERY broad term, including handmade and computer done works. A partial list includes painting, drawing, digital art, sculpture, cross-stitch, wood-working, stained glass, papier-mache… you get the idea, right?

Basically, any medium is acceptable, with the exception of icons and fanmixes. If either of these are your form of creative expression (and your mods adore both, really!), please sign up to do a complementary piece, because we’d love to have them.

As far knowing if you’ve met the minimum requirement… this is trickier. Our best advice is to base this on an estimate of the artist working 5-10 hours a week, 3 weeks a month, for 6 months = 90-180 hours. Which is, btw, also the amount of time we roughly estimate an author would put into a fic for this challenge.

YMMV, of course. Some people work faster than others. *miz chiming in* I am notoriously meticulous, and will fuss over a piece for longer than it probably needs, so I’d be closer to the 120 hour mark to get what I would consider a cohesive set of pieces done for this challenge, if I were to do art.

We’re not saying you have to log your time or anything. This is just to give you an idea of how much work we’re talking about in whatever your preferred media is.

If you have specific questions relating to art requirements, feel free to contact a mod.

Podfic must be of a story with a minimum of 20,000 words. There is no maximum.

At least 3 minutes, please.

2. Guidelines for Complementary pieces:

Fic must be at least 2,000 words.

Art must be at least one piece, again any medium. If you want to do icons, a minimum of 20 icons must be submitted.

1.5 minutes at the minimum.

3. Rough Drafts

Our goal in getting rough drafts is to make sure that those working on Complementary pieces will have a finished Primary fanwork in the collection to show as their inspiration.

The rough drafts turned in must be a minimum of 20k words.

Every piece you are doing must be at least 80% finished. Basically, we need to see that it is possible for the work(s) to be completed by deadline.

80% completed.

80% completed.

4. Any rating, any pairing (or more, or none) is perfectly acceptable. dS or c6d, both RPF/RPS and crossovers are fair game. Find a list of fandoms HERE. If your fandom isn’t listed, please contact one of the mods and ask if it can be added. The most likely answer will be YES PLEASE, more C6D fanworks!

5. Your story cannot have appeared anywhere else on the Internet. If the story you are writing is a partially-posted WiP, then you must STOP posting to it until the go-live date.

Unposted WiPs are perfectly acceptable as well. One of your mods had over 5k written for last year’s big bang before sign ups even started.

In either case, at least 20k of unposted, shiny new words is a requirement.

6. Do not post your story anywhere else until two weeks after go live. But DO post to your journal linking to your finished piece. Make sure all your friends know about the awesome new work you’ve created!

7. No bashing of other pairings/characters or other participants. We shouldn't have to say this, but play nice.

8. Please check out the FAQ Page to see if there’s anything else you’re wondering about that isn’t covered here.

Let us know if you have any questions.
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